No one lives twice

I was going through my sisters book the other day, I found something very exciting and worthy of note. In her book, she asked herself 14 striking questions and tried to give answers to them. I read every single letter so carefully it felt like I was struck with the book. But one particularly got my attention, question No 2. Because she had the answer to other 13 questions apart from that exact number -2. So then I began an adventure of my own by asking myself the exact same question:

“what am I created for and why I’m I living till this moment”

This question right here is the same one thousands and billions of people on the surface of the earth have no answer to. Matter of fact, let me rephrase that. About 90% of the world’s population can’t answer this question. I for one, also struggled with finding the answers. The babes, the young and old alike have at one point experienced this conflict.

Nevertheless, life unfolds to those who care to live. What I mean by this, is very simple, you get the answers you ‘seek’. It’s no secret a large percentage of our time, energy and resources have been invested in doing both the right and the wrong things. But there’s so much to life than merely living. There’s this very popular abb – Y.O.L.O but many people really haven’t understood it even if they use it as their social media status and hashtags, they have no clue.

Life is beautiful, you may not have it all but grateful for what you’ve got and who you are. Happiness, joy, success, love isn’t just tied to what’s happening around you or who’s around. If you wait for people to bring you happiness then you may have to wait forever. If You know what makes you happy then do it and please STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE PEOPLE!

Yes, you won’t get to live life twice but one question is, how do you intend living it? Yes, there’s so much fun and new things to try out but after then what’s next? Well, after you leave (cos definitely, all will) will you have regrets of things you did? disappointments of things you didn’t do? Will you have something to look back on and smile with fulfillment? success isn’t about how much money you get or wealth you amass believe me some of the richest people we admire and long to be like today will die(leave) unfulfilled. You know what’s worse than failing, putting all your energy into doing the wrong thing and at the end of the day end up empty.

Soo many young people today have gotten the wrong impression from some temporarily wealthy people they feel life and enjoyment is about how many girlfriends/ boyfriends you have, how fat your bank account is, how beautiful or handsome you are, how many clubs you crash and lots more. This has driven them to all sorts of vices. Is that really what you want, to live life short with only a few months or years of temporary pleasure just to leave miserably? I don’t think so. So now get up and clean up! living for things isn’t living because you only live once.

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