“I’m only trying to bring the youths closer to God” Priest banned by Catholic church for using Rap as Sermon

A kenyan priest has been banned from preaching because he used rap music as sermon. As reported by Nairobi CNN, F

father Ogalo says he was simply trying to “bring the youth closer to the church,” in an interview with local media.
‘Father Masaa,’ as he is known would be draped in his usual church apparel for morning mass but later in the day, he would change into shorts, a long t-shirt and tie a red bandana around his head, spitting hip-hop rhymes into a mic as he entertained his congregation.

He has been doing this for some time at St. Monica Catholic Church in south west Kenya but this tome around he’s gotten into trouble for it.

He uses rap to attract a young people to his church and using it to spread the message against drug abuse


Father Ogalo said his rap music was successful because he was bridging the generation gap.
“I use the rap music to bring … youths to the church. Thereafter, I bring them to Christ,” he said.

On the contrary

, the Catholoc heads disagree. Bishop Philip Anyolo, who heads the diocese in Migori county where Father Ogalo serves, confirmed the priest has been suspended from leading church activities.
“Yes, the church has taken disciplinary measure against Father Ogalo. The use of rap music is not allowed in preaching,”
The priest has been given a one year break to look into his ways before coming back to the church


We have just barred him from preaching using rap music to allow him time to change his


Father Ogalo is free to worship in the church but cannot lead prayers in his previous capacity as priest, he added.

Hmmm, was this decision really necessary? The issue of Rap music creeping into the church has been a debated topic for some time now.

What’s your take on this, for me I believe Rap is music, God Loves music and more importantly he loves humans, so If Rap music is what it takes to bring humans closer to God then it shouldn’t be treated like its the devils instrument.

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