Japan to power Toyko’s Olympic Games with 100 percent renewable energy

Japan has orchestrated a strategy to help it reach its target and this target involves renting and leasing items that are used during the event. If any need to be bought, arrangements will be made by the community to guarantee their use once the sporting extravaganza is over.

They have also decided to purchase renewable energy from power companies and to install solar panels where possible.

The committee also made plans to build a number of solar roads to generate some of the power used by the 2020 Olympic Games. The surface of the panels includes a special resin to ensure their durability, the Independent reported. As part of trial, a convenience store near Tokyo recently installed solar panels beneath its parking lot, with the setup now taking care of almost 10 percent of the store’s power needs. Similar technology has already been installed in several roads in France, as well as on cycle paths in the Netherlands.

Shockingly, metals collected from used mobile phones will be used take medals.

Organizers launched a campaign in Japan last year to encourage people to recycle their old mobile phones from which the metals can be extracted.

Partnering with Japanese cellular giant NTT Docomo and the Japan Environmental Sanitation Center, the plan is to collect at least eight tons of metal from discarded mobile devices. Millions of phones are needed so that enough material can be gathered to make the 5,000 medals due to be presented at the event in 2020.

Recent Olympic Games have used recycled e-waste to create the medals, but Japan says Tokyo 2020 is aiming to be the first where all of the gold medals are made entirely with recovered metal.

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