Learning to let go when you should

Learning to let go when you have to, is the most difficult decision ever, especially when you don’t feel like it, most especially of someone and something you love and can’t seem to do without. It hurts to know you won’t have that someone or something around anymore, you won’t share their love anymore, believe me, I have been in that situation before and I know what it feels like but it’s even more painful to have them around. So you have to do what is right by letting them go.

For me it was a love I couldn’t hold on to, don’t know what yours could be but you have to find the strength to let it go. It could be that addictive substance for someone else, a bad habit, a bad friend or even an abusive partner not willing to change. You’re doing the right thing and there’s always a huge struggle doing the right thing, at first you’re going to want to go back to where you left off. But if you can fight that urge, you can move on even if you go back once or twice it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still try, it’s all in the healing process.  You don’t have to worry about how people react just say goodbye to anything and anyone not good for you. You deserve better, where you are right now mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and even psychology isn’t where you supposed to be, you deserve better. So wipe those tears and get on with it., the earlier you feel the hurt the faster the gain comes, don’t be scared of the pain and fear it is well expected, be prepared for it. The pain won’t really feel like pain when you’ve learnt to bear it. Don’t be worried you can’t take it you’re strong enough. Here are a few things I that worked for me;

  1. Decision

You can’t really succeed at anything if you haven’t decided to at least try. Never ever think in this world and in the one to come that you must or will succeed at the first trial nope because you’d only be disappointed. You may unlike others fall a thousand times but never expect to go at the same pace others go. May be the same journey or even different destinations but it’s never the same road or route, some arrive faster others a little later. When I first decided to drop a habit in an earlier part of my teens, I felt discouraged because I was compared my speed to someone else which made it difficult to see the results and efforts I had already made. That’s why I can now warn against it. Don’t do that, it won’t help.

  1. Dedication

See after I had already began the moving on phase/healing phase, I had to be dedicated to my own health, I knew all I was doing was for me as well as the people around me. So I had to do all I could not to quit when I really felt like. Dedication is simply going on even when the temptation to quit is stronger than the zeal to continue. I drew inspiration from everything around me to go on. Most importantly I drew strength from my insides. You can put determination with dedication because they co-exist.

  1. Desperation

Sounds strange but a little desperation did me a lot of good, I was desperate to be in a better place so it pushed me to do all I had to regardless of what I felt to heal. It’s like a secret ingredient to make whatever it is you’re cooking a little better.

Honestly, you can achieve whatever it is, start from these three. It’s a long road but don’t be among the many that stop half way. You can let go of whatever it is; drugs, addictions etc. just try to get these three things in place first. You can if only you think you can.

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