Saudi Arabia’s ban on women on wheels finally has ended

Finally Saudi Arabia meets civilization!

The ban on women driving that has been both oppressive and undemocratic in Saudi Arabia was officially called off on Sunday.

This ban for centuries denied women right to drive and this posed threatening situations to life and properties in cases of emergency where utmost urgency was needed.

This development was accepted with praise by some citizens while others saw no reason to allow it. Because he believed it’s not safe to let women drive. He posted an image of how unfortunate the country will be when women start driving.

A woman who felt this was only paper work asked:

“so these women do not have to ask a man`s permission before they take the car and drive? Or is this concession based on the premise that they still have to ask for permission to take the car and drive, Is it the act of driving only that has been granted, but not the permission?”

A male twitter user shared a picture of a woman who died in a car accident learning how to drive.

Obviously, some Saudi Arabian men do not support this.

There are ways to teach these women to drive not necessarily using a real car.

They should begin with driving video games, watching lots of driving tutorial videos before handling a real car. Nothing foreign can be imbibed in a nano second

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