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Dear Mom and Dad,

Most times we make some parenting mistakes that pose  adverse effects on the life of our kids and we do not even notice because we feel were only doing our duty. Yes, no doubt your doing your duty just as you should but what matters is how you go about these duties. most times it’s like taking a bus when you should be taking a flight- you get exhausted and weary before you even get to your destination. Every child is a blessing that could become a burden when mishandled. Here are some common mistakes that parents make in carrying out our duties as Guardians. Now, Whether its a kindergartner, a teenager or a young adult take note of all these. A great child starts with a great parent and then parenting.

  1. Age doesn’t make you smarter sometimes hear them out.
  2. Apologize when you do something wrong.
  3. Say Thank you when they do something good for you.
  4. Listen to them.
  5. Stop the comparism it doesn’t make them better it only kills their self esteem.
  6. Sometimes treat them as little adults.
  7. Don’t go about bad talking them to your friends or everyone that comes around willing to listen, talk to them instead.
  8. Spend time teaching them. Whatever you feel is too insignificant to teach them they’ll learn elsewhere.
  9. Stop acting too old fashioned.
  10. Never watch them hang around the wrong people.
  11. Stop assuming you know them and start getting to know them.
  12. Spend time with them
  13. Always tell them you love them, many parents don’t do this its as important as the clothes they put on.
  14. Learn to ask questions and stop working on assumptions.
  15. Encourage and mentor them.
  16. Never relent to discipline them in love sometimes this may not necessarily mean corporal punishment be dynamic and creative.
  17. Always give room for them to air their opinion and views.
  18. Pray for them and with them.
  19. The best lessons you teach them are the ones you show them.
  20. Stand up for them and teach them to learn to stand up for themselves.

Every child is different so you can’t possible treat them the same way