It's in dispute who leaves a relationship faster- men or women? But we could say girls leave relationships more in search of greener pastures. Here's a better way of ending a relationship especially if you do not like to hurt the other person.

Breakups can be messy when it goes badly. I broke up with my partner two years ago and we've been good friends ever since. Breaking up with your partner doesn't mean you guys automatically have to become enemies- Ex's aren't enemies but 'once romantic friends'.

So yeah, debunk the myth(You can't be friends with your Ex) and let me show you how i managed keeping friendship even after my relationship had ended. However, when you can't go on in a relationship, end things maturely. There's no point keeping the other party in the dark. That's just being cruel.

If you're thinking of how to end your relationship on good terms, just do these things i did instead;

1. Be Honest About Your Feelings;
Sending a silly text saying it's over isn't the deal breaker. That's cliche. If you want to end a relationship gracefully, be honest about your feelings. Tell your partner exactly how you feel. Give reasons why things have to be called off.

2. Break Up In Person;
A whatsapp message won't do!. Plan a romantic date if need be, come on get flowers or gifts. You know what your partner likes- do that. Cook his best meal, buy her a beautiful jewelry but whatever you do, have the dignity of telling them in person. Look them in the eye and make understand your decision.

3. Listen To Their Plea If Any;
Someone who loves you will beg you for a second chance especially if they feel they are the reason for the breakup. Listen to them honestly. While you gently stand firm on your decision. Resist the urge to play the blame game.

4. Carefully Reach out sometimes;
Do not act excessively gummy after you've let them go. A simple text would do to avoid passing the wrong message. Give them time and space to heal.

5. Don't Go About Painting Them Black;
Hey, be cool whatever you had should be between you two. Don't try to make them look bad.

Hope it works for you like it did for me. Let me know!


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