How To Get Over A Break Up In 7days

A broken heart can be one of the hardest things to mend. Okay so that fun sweet, romantic, relationship has finally come to and end and you probably have tried to reunite what was but sadly it proved Futile. The worst part is knowing you still love your ex but you just have to move on because the relationship is beyond redeemable. By now you're asking "how can i get over someone I'm still in love with?" Good all you have to do is Try these Seven Simple Things and in a week you'll be amazed you're getting over the heartbreak faster than you expected . 

Here are 7 Easy Ways To Get Over A Break Up.

1.DAY 1:
Take Away Everything that reminds you of partner: 

Recovering from a breakup will be almost difficult if you keep seeing things to remind you of your ex. You can Turn off Your Phone or computer or you can wipe your whole gallery if you must. 
If you have to takeaway gifts and couples tees go ahead and do so, If you also have to unfriend them on all social platforms please do not hesitate. The goal is to heal. And to heal you need to forget, doing these things will help you have peace of mind because you don't get to see anything about them in a while. Like they say out of sight is out of mind.

2. DAY 2:
Take A Day or Two To Cry Your Heart Out

One very effective way you can heal from a breakup faster is allowing yourself to feel the pain in its entirety. Grief! Come on You just lost some months, probably years of love, time, effort and friendship- Don't Act Strong, Never do that (it doesn't work). If you must sober please take a day or two to really wind out. Cry, Watch tragic movies, listen to sad songs, yell your favorite song in the shower and If you've got  a close understanding friend who would listen to you nag-call them. If you haven't got anyone, I'm here you can reach out to me, I'll listen. But remember the goal is to Heal.

3. DAY 3:
Talk To Yourself

Now this is the day you have to really connect with yourself. Sit and communicate with yourself. You can look in the mirror and ask yourself some hard questions. This helps change your mind. The past days would have been mind boggling , You need to face reality and the best person to tell you  that truth is yourself. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself

1. Was the breakup my fault?
2. Did I try to make things right?
3. Do I Still l love My patner?
4. What could have been the reason for it?
5. Do I feel Better?
6, Do I want them back?
7. What Now?
When you really talk and argue with yourself, things will make more sense. You would then have the answer to the last question 'what now?' Do you keep crying over spilt milk? No way so Get Up and Move on.

4. DAY 4:
Forget About Them For Just A Day

keep yourself so busy you forget for just one day. Work, Cook , Clean, Dance. Just don't think of them in Just One day. Trust me if you successfully forget them today you can forget them other days too. Count on it.

5. DAY 5:
Forgive And Let Go

This is very important, Now don't fight to force them out of your mind anymore. Just breathe in, and say out loud 'I'm Healing and I forgive myself and i forgive you....' call their name. All you have to do is breathe and whenever you think of them say the words above out loud again. Say it out As many times as they come to your mind. 

6. DAY 6:
Treat Yourself To Something Nice

You should congratulate yourself on how well you've handled the breakup so far. If you've done these tips up to day 6, Believe me you're healing fast enough. So get yourself something nice-whatever you like and just celebrate.

7. DAY 7:
Go Out!

Congratulations if you get here, you're ready to go out and move on. All You have to do is have fun.
If you're a little slow on getting to Day 7, Don't worry just keep trying. You'll get here soon. 
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