If you’ve ever seen a happy couple split, two people who are in love grow apart or a marriage dissolve. We’d agree it’s one of the most horrible feelings in the world. We understand this and have developed this platform to share ideas, insights and advise to solve the problems in relationships. This is what Nene’s diary is all about.

Our Mission

It is our mission to reach out to families, young people and children by impacting positively in their Lives through our articles. This is because we believe a good foundation makes a good home. Nene’s Diary is dedicated to providing wise and insightful solutions, advise and tips on how to build a healthy and stable relationship, home and family.

We are committed to making available relevant materials and articles via our blog posts that will harness the mental understanding and prowess of our readers about all kinds and levels of human relationships, marriage and family. This is because we hate divorce and separation therefore we fight against it the best way we can.

Our Goal

We realize our goal is to fight against divorce and separation in all kinds of human relationships caused by misunderstandings, ignorance and wrong information. Therefore it is our goal to educate, inform and impact the right knowledge in our readers to help them build good relationships irrespective of race, tribe, culture or religion. At Nene’s diary we’re all about proffering solutions.

About Nene

Nene is passionate about helping individuals, couples and families solve their relationship problems. Her experiences with conflicts in her family inspires to teach others what she’s learned. That’s how Nene’s diary came into existence. She loves to read, learn and write.

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