Apple and Samsung come to Agreement


Both mobile phone companies have been at each others tail for seven years now. This brawl over infringement right began in 2011 when Apple accused Samsung of copying IPhone design features and software.

It’s no hidden secret that both companies have simultaneously released their products at the same time in the past and some times one preceding the other.
Litigating the case caused both companies a robust sum money and resulted in several rulings and appeals. In 2012, a jury ruled in favour of Apple and asked Samsung to make payments of more than $1 billion for copying various hardware and software features of the iPhone and iPad to Apple. A federal judge later reduced that penalty by $450 million.

Eventually, the brawl continued to the Supreme Court. In 2016, the Supreme court reserved the appeals court ruling that Samsung must pay $399 million for patent infringement. Justices sent the case back to the lower court to sort out the financial penalty.
The two companies finally agreed to a settlement. According to court documents filed Wednesday, but did not disclose the terms.

I hope now we are safe from explosives phones now there’s no more competition.