David ibiyeomie foundation gives out 10 new sewing machines for fashion business startup


David ibiyeomie through his foundation (DIF) gives out 10 brand new sewing machines to female students who just graduated from a 3weeks intensive fashion training organized by DIF.

This is the 3rd batch of beneficiaries from DIF fashion design training 2018, totaling up to over 50 persons who have received a free sewing machine between 2017 and now, with more to come.

The foundation gifted them with these sewing machines to assist them set up their fashion businesses.

Other (male) trainees at the DIF Hair-Cut class are also to graduate in 3weeks from now with their free barbing kits made ready for them.

So thumbs up DIF! God bless DIF

As they say- Restoring hope and impacting our world.