Do not be dismayed or decieved, Everyone Has a different Love story


So Singer Simisola and Adekunle kokola porpolulaly called Simi and Adekunle Gold tied the knot yesterday, wow !

So I was thinking just how many out there probably wishing they had that kind of love. They wish they found someone who would surrender to the love they share totally. We’ll goodnews it’s possible but an entirely different story.

One certain about a story is that someone writes it or wrote it. Simi and Adukenle wrote theirs so you could write yours.

A story isn’t always perfect, you know you may read a very good story by a different author and still love to read another story by another because it’s just as good. Some others we may enjoy reading more because of the way the Author wrote it, the suspense, the leeesons, the mistakes , mysteries and lots more.

Some stories we easily predict the end from the beginning, others we’ll have to actually read till the end to find out how everything turned out.

So here’s a little advice, things about that relationship your in:

  • You may never know how it’ll end if you don’t see it to the end.
  • Never expect someone to write your story (you star in).
  • Others may find that friend who’s just a year older and live on to their forever yours may be someone a lot older but what’s certain is you should marry a friend and not a stranger.
  • Others may fall in love at first sight and you may have to grow in love either ways you are in love, so don’t go feeling awkward if your love story wasn’t a Hollywood or Bollywood kind -Less expectation less drama
  • Never compare completely what goes on in another’s story to yours because truth be told the beginning may be the same or different but the end would always be the different.
  • Your patner may not be ‘the ‘ life patner but maybe a lesson to one ??‍♀️.
  • You shouldn’t let that patner go because he/she isn’t what you fantasized about or what your friends have.
  • Time and duration is perculiar to people because someone else dated their patner for 10years doesn’t mean you should. Also because some other dated only for two years doesn’t mean it’s the best either but Time and duration matters as well.

Whoever you’re with right now has two parts they could play. They could be time wasters or the real deal. Never expect a Simi and adekunle Gold ‘thing’ with a time waster you’d only be heartbroken at the end. Because you may just be invited to their wedding ouch!

Futher more, you can’t miss the real deal because you want to be ‘timely’ along side your friends. Be wise be careful !

But never forget this two things :

  1. You could be with the wrong person and miss the right one.
  2. You could meet the right person by moving past the wrong one.