France to reimplement the 16 year old mandatory national service


French president Emmanuel macron set to bring back mandatory national service back to France.

The Mandatory military service in France ended in 1997 and ever since then it has not been functional.

Though macron is not from the forces, he first brought up the idea for a revival of a national service program during a speech in March 2017.

In his speech last year he said
“Through a direct experience of the military life, its know-how and its requirements, every young French person will go to meet their fellow citizens, will experience social diversity, and republican cohesion for a month,”

The program will require all 16 year old French citizens to join the national service.

The program will be not only for social reasons but also for character development and morals. The program will be conducted in two parts. The first part lasts for about a month and requires participants to live together while

the second part, the young people will be encouraged to a voluntarily commitment of at least three months. During this time their activities could be related to defense and security in the army, police, gendarmerie, fire service, or civil security; accompanying and helping others; helping preserve national heritage or the environment; or tutoring.
The service program will commence at the beginning of the 2019 school year

I think this should be duplicated in some other countries too