Good mom or Great mom


The Tiny difference

So I came across this tweet by a rap sensation Cardi b on social media yesterday and I must say, I wasn’t sure what I felt then it became clear to me I had to write on it.

As a woman or a girl there’s this thin line between the good mom and the great mom. I will be sharing the differences. Some of them may seem too absurd to you but like I said ‘its a very tiny line’.

Today, many mothers fall under on of these categories. Being a mother isn’t just about the blood affiliation its much more than that. People who fail to see this often end up mistreating others because they did not come out from their loins. That’s why we hear stories of children, helps, teenagers being abused.

Believe it or not, if you do not mother a child correctly, you may end up murdering that child or individual. You see, one affected child is a generation. That’s what we fail to recognize. When we come to reality with this fact we’ll see how careful we should love and treat children.

Look, I mean no disrespect but honestly she got it from you miss, whatever you do before, with, and for a child matters a whole lot. If you’re the type who uses swear words, you better not get upset when your baby does too.

So a little evaluation before we move on, what kind of mother am I ?

  1. Good mom

Letting your kid have everything doesn’t make you a great mom. This kind of mothers are the type who would never let you have your way all the time. They are straight up principled that’s one of the reasons we call them ‘good moms’. Sometimes their kids prefer their dads to them because they are the rule setters. They motivate, instruct, dictate and critically inspire you to be better do better. Good moms may not always be the cool moms but they’re not old fashioned anyway.

2. Great mom

They’re the very lenient moms, their kids love them, their kids friends love them. They are the cool moms, very up to date with every trend. They love their kids and may have difficulties denying them anything. This kind of moms usually enjoy great bonds With their kids. They principled they often compromise.

Having said all these you could see there’s almost no difference between them. But it’s only a decision of choice, there’s way more to it than listed. I’d like you to share you own thoughts about it. The kind you’ve been and how it has helped you so far with your family.

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