It ain’t worth the hassle?


Here’s a little question I like to ask ‘ if you’re going to pay dearly for it later, why go all the way now?’ I’d like to direct this question to you ‘If it’s going to cost you your marriage why try anyway?’.

Okay, so your spouse gets a message on his/her phone you go through it and start all sorts of speculations. Like that’s not enough, you start snooping around acting undercover like an FBI Top Secret agent, watching their every move (you’re just asking for trouble), Self inflicted trouble.

Okay, so he/she made a little mistake then you go all the way to make it into the WWE universal championship brawl. OK he only spilled coffee or tea on your perfectly clean couch and you expected an apology but never heard any, you shouldn’t make a mountain from a mole hill.

Quit picking fights over tiny things as small as phone calls, text messages, bad meals and ors. The bible called them tiny foxes that spoil the vine. Don’t wreck your home over something children won’t even fight over.

These things sound silly right?, how can these small things break homes well I hate to disappoint but they do. I’ve seen them split loving couples in two. Over time these little things cause real problems in several homes :

1. Withheld Apology

2. Chores

3. Poorly served dishes

4. Transfer of aggression

5. Watching television

All these things and lots more do cause damage to happy homes. Ever heard the phrase “just let it slide?”

Well you’ll have to let go off some rights and privileges to accommodate the other party. It’s like a contract there are benefits and obligations, everything can’t go your way all the time. ‘Many waters cannot Quench love, many rivers cannot drown it’. When love rules you won’t easily be agitated and put on edge by your spouse. These three ingredients have to be in place for a great soup !

1. Love

2. Sacrifice

3. Trust

Okay, I’m not saying you shouldn’t tale about the things you don’t like with your spouse I’m saying don’t nag about it. Confront the issue not your partner. Communication isn’t confrontation. One works based on Assumption the other mostly for clarification. Learn to talk and not curse.