How to keep the flames in your relationship


There’s one lovely thing about the word of God, its dynamic and covers all areas of life. The sovereign lord is infinite wisdom wasn’t joking when he said in Leviticus 6;12-13.

“the fire shall ever be burning it shall not go out”

He knew without flames in any relationship (first with him) and secondly with our partner relationship/life would be what Thomas hobbes called brutish, short and okay, let’s say you first saw each other and you had that spark. The romance began and soon after that spark. The romance began and soon after that spark ignited a fire and thrust you to the altar of marriage (lol, this is a lot more than a match stick fire while courting) you’re going to need a whole new level of petrol to keep that fire burning.

Now let me make it very clear to you, let me bring it don’t we have several ways to keep it a flames, just like a chimney. You’re going to need a supernatural type of fire because that’s the big difference in some relationships and then you hear things like “I don’t just feel it anymore, the sparks gone”. My question is where did it go to? The spark that got lost, where did it go? Because you’ll have to fetch it. Because separation and divorce happens because we make It an option.

It was clearly announced that ‘we’ keep the fire burning, it’s simple no one’s going to help you do that because the responsibility’s fully yours, both of you I mean to make sure the fire doesn’t go out. Okay let’s be more practical, say, you live in a house with someone and it just happens to be the winter season (harmattan in Nigeria) and the cold is sickening. Then you’ve got a burner/heater in the same house but you say to yourself “I’ll just wait for him to add the logs to the fire so we can keep warm” meanwhile he says “she’ll heat up the fire, I’ll let her” and this goes on for like the whole day, still the temperature drops even more. Which do you prefer, freeze to death or take responsibility and keep warm?

It could be likened to relationships, you have to take responsibility and keep fueling your love so it doesn’t burn cold cus when it does it freezes. For some after it turns to ice they can restore it but for others its long gone. Either way, you shouldn’t wait for it to get there before resuscitating your hearts in love. To be honest, they are always warning signs, some detect them early, others don’t care to notice. But nevertheless, you have to make it work.

So allow me introduce myself. I’m Nene (as you are well acquainted with already) and I’m going to show you how to keep your relationship aflame (but remember no man’s an island) and if you feel I left anything out feel free to air views. Stay connected because we’ll have so much more to talk about on the next article.