Love yourself and be “GIZI” about it !


Wondering what Gizi means? Well all you have to do is answer these following questions.

What are the things you like the most?

Name the three most important people you love ?

Ok, since you’ve gone on about the list of answers, here’s a thing, How long did it take you to name yourself ?

Come on, I know you obviously didn’t even cross your own mind. No judgements though.

But there’s about Love, you can’t give the Love you do not have neither can you go searching for love where it cannot be found.

So I did a little research, I asked someone to define Confidence not from the dictionary but actual Confidence from her own self. Yeah you can guess what she said after what felt like an enterity of thinking (it was actually 30 seconds don’t mind me).

She said “I cannot define confidence from me” so I asked why and she said because “I’m not confident” BOOM !

But do you know Confidence is not about being shy, Confidence is You, the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you do your hair, the way you carry yourself, the grace in your smile, that’s Confidence!

Well so there it is Gizi means Fashionably Confident and being Gizi is Loving yourself and being Fashionably Confident about it.

But Just incase you’re not sure if you love yourself, here’s a thing to do.

  • Look into the mirror everyday and just smile
  • Everyday compliment, accept and appreciate yourself
  • Understand your flaws make you uniquely different and not ugly
  • Tell yourself just how much you love yourself (always say it out loud)
  • Always Choose to be yourself than anyone else.

When you begin to love yourself soon you become confident. They can’t exist without each other so if you’re on the train of love here’s how to pick up Confidence.

How to wear Confidence

Confidence isn’t something you wish for its something you work towards. It should be worn like a perfume. It is marketable, admirable and sometimes comceals a whole lot of errors (Body Odour😄). Hey! That’s not the point though, I’m only saying when you wear Confidence like a Perfume, it’s all around you, everyone admires it and even when you have a few shortcomings, you’ll still carry an aura of perfection.

Obviously apart from The Gizi FX 😏, there are other ways you could wear more confidence like a real good cologne that doesn’t come off easily (just incase yours is a little cheap).

  1. Understand Just how perfect you are
  2. Believe you’re the best you you can be
  3. Don’t ever dwell on your imperfections, believe and project your strengths.
  4. Never think any negative thought about yourself
  5. Love everything about yourself, it helps
  6. Learn from others but not by looking down on yourself
  7. Appreciate the progress you’ve made.
  8. Put you first