Marriage isn’t a bed of roses so take the thorns and make do


Okay, so let’s take a look at the very first marital example ever, I mean Adam and Eve had some good stuff going on but you know something and someone came along and it grew sour. One of the problems people face in marriage is the misconception that **Marriage is all so beautiful** That’s not reality, look God formed marriage to be beautiful but sometimes the reverse is the case so then what do you do when sweet turns bitter, when good turns bad, when sweet turns sour?.

Forget all the fantasies you have about marriage being an easy ride, lol I don’t mean to sound pessimistic I’m only being real. The earlier you understand this the better it’ll get. There are times your partner wouldn’t be sugar spice and everything nice. This applies to the man and woman. Would you go ahead blaming God just like Adam did? Or will you blame the devil as Eve did too?.

Everytime things go wrong there are two people we always blame instead of being responsible to ourselves for our actions.

1. God

2. The devil

Yes God is our helper but guess what he gave us brains so we can give him rest. Don’t go doing things irrationally and blaming God when they don’t give you desired results. OK here’s an example- he said be submissive and respectful but still you tongue lash your husband all the time what are you expecting to get in return?. Like that’s  not enough you have a lovely wife at home and you keep going out to bars and staring at other women lustfully, what do you expect you’ll get in  return? Then we’ll rush to apportion blame to the devil. This phrase “I don’t know what came over me, it’s the devil” is totally wrong. I tell you, you were in your right senses 100%.

Alright, over to what we really had in mind to discuss today.

Roses are beautiful, yes they are but they have thorns too.

Honey is sweet but bees sting

A crown is good but carries too many responsibilities.

Liken marriage to all these examples below. God didn’t promise no fire at all but he did promise to be with us through the fire so we won’t be burnt. He didn’t promise no opposition but he said surely will triumph. Marriage isn’t always going to be sweet but it’s solemnly our responsibility to take the turns and make do. Pick the thorns out to get your roses. You’ll get blisters and bruises but at the end you’ll have your beautiful rose.

There’s always two sides to a coin. You can choose to work it out or watch it walk out ( totally get broken).

It’s a joint effort. One man can’t make a team. To say it won’t get bitter at all is building sand castles in thin air. What you do when it gets bitter its all that makes the difference.

So Go back home and make that marriage work!