Micheal Jackson may be back from the dead! He might have faked his own death to lay low as an impersonator. Since his demise in June 2009, there has been controversies whether Micheal really died or the media Lied. Because this particular Impersonator- Sergio cortes seems like Micheal himself.

Sergio is driving the internet bonkers. Despite all the others who have emerged as impersonators. Fans are so convinced this one is Jackson the king of pop back from the dead.

Fans of the impersonator are calling for DNA tests to prove he isn’t actually the King of Pop himself (MJ).

Sergio Cortes

Sergio Cortes is a professional Michael Jackson impersonator from Barcelona, Spain. His career pays tribute to the late singer, who passed away back in June 2009.

Cortes not only looks like the real deal, he also sounds exactly like him – so much so, in fact, he may be Jackson himself.

Announcing a new tour date in Thailand, Cortes released a video on Instagram to tell his 123,000 followers all the details about when and where he’d be performing.

As Jackson’s hit ‘Thriller’ plays in the background, Cortes said: “Hello to all Michael Jackson fans, come and watch me perform at Hollywood Pattaya on December 23rd. “I love you guys and see you there. I am Sergio Cortes, see you soon.”

Comments from Jackson’s Fans

“This almost unbelievable if I didn’t hear the accent,” writes one on Instagram.

“You are God’s gift to us #MichaelJackson fans. Just you keep walking the MoonWalk…” writes another.

And then quite eerily… ‘I knew he wasn’t dead,’ from some.

Today alone, after vast media attention over the last couple of days, Sergio’s Instagram has grown by another 20,000 people.

And the conspiracy theories are going WILD. Others think Sergio is a long lost twin, that the high ups made a clone of Jackson, or that he was reincarnated!

Now fans are calling for urgent DNA tests to confirm that Sergio doesn’t actually have a connection to the Jacksons (and if it turns out he doesn’t, i’ll be asking for the name of his plastic surgeon. Because wow, art.)

One person said: “Oh my god, you’re not Sergio Cortès, you’re Michael Jackson. Someone get his DNA.”

Someone else added: “I need a DNA test, I’m sorry.”

A third wrote: “You can’t tell me this ain’t the real Michael Jackson.”

Of course, Cortes isn’t the only Michael Jackson impersonator out there – far from it.

See for yourself, can you spot the difference?

Micheal Jacksons Impersonator
Michael Jacksons Impersonator
MJ and Sergio Cortes

Micheal Jackson’s Impersonator May be Jackson from the Dead.

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