Police brutality: Police Shoot and Kill Black Navy Veteran Who Was Trying to Break Up a Fight in Portland state university campus


Jason Washington,45 year old black veteran was shot dead and killed while trying to separate a fight that broke out late at night.

As reported by www.cbsnews.com/news/portland-state-university-protests-after-police-shoot-kill-jason-washington/, Washington (wearing a gray shirt and khaki shorts) earnestly trying to break up a fight between multiple people had his gun holstered throughout the incident, until two men, trading blows, fall on top of him, causing the gun to fall from its holster.

As he manages himself to his feet to pick us his gun, witnesses say PSU officers open fire on him, killing him.

Washington obviously trying to do his job became a victim of an unfortunate turn of events. He’s left his family and grandchildren behind now.

According to the local tv Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Washington had a concealed-carry permit, a lady who was involved in the fight said the police didn’t necessarily have to use such measures on Washington “Pepper spray could have broken everybody out,” Tuffa said. “Everybody would have been on the ground crying.”

A great number of people protested that campus police shouldn’t be armed because no amount of compensation can equate the loss.

Do you agree with this? It’s unfortunate but don’t you feel campus police should carry arms. You’re opinion should be based on your experience probably in the university or somewhere you’ve seen.