Whether you chose to see it or not, there are warning signs that you may be in for a rough ride in your relationship. Sometimes, we fall deeply in Love with someone we can’t tell Red flags from compromise. We feel we can take just any toxic trait from our partner because every relationship needs Compromise. True, but if you’re going for something much more permanent, You best look out for Red flags- Warning signs.

When I was in a relationship with my partner at that time, I noticed I always wanted to put him first- of course many of us still do that today. I would always call, text and apologize first whenever we fought but he really never reciprocated. yeah you guessed right.

Literally, I was the only one trying to keep the relationship because of the fear of losing him. I was willing to compromise and give up my pride if I had to (just like everyone else who is in love). I turned a blind eye to all the Red flags. I was willing to manage just about anything. It was a bad experience, that’s why i’m sharing this so you know how to detect the Red flags in your relationship and take a bow if need be.

What Is A Red Flag?

A red flag is an intuition you feel about Something or someone. They are warning signs in a relationship you should never ignore. Often times, it’s a feeling, a hunch or an observation. It comes in different forms. For example, You may see romantic texts on your partners phone from another person. That’s a Red Flag that your partner may be cheating on you. They are signs to tell whether you’re in an unhappy relationship or not.

Watch out for these red flags— they are indicators that something needs to be questioned or otherwise validated. Often they are clues that something may be trouble in the future. Here are 10 key relational red flags to look out for:

1. Lack of Communication.

If you struggle to communicate or express yourself to your partner, this is a red flag. Any relationship without communication is dead already. Where there’s difficulty to talk about issues or honest expression of feelings, this is a really bad sign. Sometimes, they distance themselves emotionally, leaving you hanging, this is bad too. Also, when whatever is “communicated” is expressed through moodiness, and sometimes “silent treatment.” this is bad for the relationship. You may have troubles later on if there is little or no communication in your relationship.

2. They never apologize.

It may not seem like a big deal but when any partner always makes you apologize for everything, there’s going to be problem later on. This could mean maturity issues. To have a healthy and happy relationship, both parties should learn the act of saying “I’m sorry”. If your partner always puts all the blame on you and doesn’t ever make effort to apologize, that’s a red flag, you may never be happy in that relationship. If you noticed, i used the term ‘make effort’ because some people really have issues saying ‘sorry’ but would try to show remorse in different ways. You should be able to identify when someone makes an effort to apologize even without saying sorry. If they are incapable of apologizing, back off slowly…

3. Disrespect.

They don’t respect your decisions and emotions. They would always place difficult demands on you. This is a sign they don’t respect your limits or boundaries. They would have an excessive controlling behavior and would always want to exert too much influence on you. They demand things from you that you can’t give and insist even when you refuse.

4. Lack of Trust

Where you always have to reassure your partner of your fidelity, love and trust could be bad for your relationship. Any partner who lacks trust for you and keeps sneaking around your stuff looking for what not is bad for you. They would never believe in trust and would always put you in a tight box to prove yourself to them because of their insecurity. watch out for these kinds of people.

5. Your partners attitude towards their parents.

You would wonder why this is a red flag. Any partner who always disagrees with his/her parent could mean trouble. If they have no regard whatsoever for family or their parents, this is bad because they wouldn’t treat you any better than they treat their own family. So watch out for anyone who is cruel to family and has gross disrespect or no value for parents, They could be trouble for you.

6. A dysfunctional personality and character.

Dating someone with a bad character and dysfunctional personality is like riding a ferry wheel, you will always feel dizzy and disorientated. If there’s too many contrast between the both of you Eg; Value system, ethics, believes etc there may be problem. Always watch out for character and personality despite any emotion you feel. If their are toxic traits like being abusive, you could be in for trouble.

7. They are always Secretive.

Behaviors that are suspicious, illegal activities, and addictive traits that haven’t been resolved and continue into your relationship are obvious red flags. Don’t ignore or excuse anything that strikes you as strange or makes you feel uncomfortable. Of course, if a person has done the necessary corrective work and continues doing so for their own good and for the good of the relationship, that is totally different.

8. Anger Issues

If a person can’t manage or control anger, this is an obvious red flag. They would often yell and throw a fit. This is a bad sign they may get violent later on. Don’t ever excuse it or overlook such warning sign in your relationship.

9. Violent and Abusive Behavior.

If they abuse or act violent towards you is a red flag you should never ignore. Any form of abuse, from the seemingly mild to the obvious—verbal, emotional, psychological, and physical—is not just a red flag but a huge billboard telling you to never look back. Don’t be deceived if they do it and come apologizing, promising you it will never happen again. I tell you someone who hits you once would definitely do it again.

10. If they take advantage of you.

Finally, if they always take advantage of you under the umbrella of Love, this is an obvious red flag. Please move away. It could be coaxing you to do all they want just like in Tyler Perry’s Acrimony. They often force you to do things outside your will. They could even force their self on you. Be watchful.

In Conclusion

Never turn a blind eye to warning signs that you may be unhappy in your relationship, Because it’s not compromise if it’s bad for you. Red flags are always danger signs. Everyone knows it’s best to heed to a warning sign to avoid falling into trouble. Love with your heart but keep your eyes open for red flags in your relationship.

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