Should I go back to Him?


Everyone Knows Marriage is a cycle of sacrifices, you give your youth, your time, your heart even your resources. And no matter how we try to paint it, nothing remains the same after marriage. What happens then when you make all those sacrifices and still suffer a failed marriage?

For the sake of the Extraordinary everyday lovers, I wouldn’t hesitate to mention pragya and abhi as a perfect case study.

Many marriages have taken the same turn as Abhi and pragya’s. In a particular Ep in Season 4, Abhi questioned Pragya for keeping his daughter away from him for 7years. He suddenly wanted to be a good father to his daughter, blaming Pragya for the wasted years he didn’t have the opportunity to spend with Kiara. I began asking myself some questions, what right does Abhi have over her? Did Pragya owe him any obligation to tell him about his daughter? How dare Abhi Even insinuate he wanted Pragya back? Too many questions I can’t obviously mention.

But hey, that’s not what even got me writing. Abhi asked Pragya if he was going to get him wife back too.

Poor Pragya, poor king 😒.

The dilemma of going back to a partner isn’t perculiar to ZeeWorld. This is a real life struggle. Women/men over the world can’t handle the love they still nurse for their old partners notwithstanding how abusive or toxic their relationship was, they still consider going back as an option.

But here are a few things to make your decision easier.

Please do not go back if you have this kind of thoughts.

  1. We fought too much to be able to Stay together.
Some patners fight like Jeff

Most failed relationships even marriages could be referred to as a wrestling or boxing ring. This kind of relationships are toxic. If you always get beaten up by your spouse or partner, do not, I repeat do not! Go back!! Chances are it’ll get worse.

2. We can’t stand the sight of each other.

If you do not feel happy of safe whenever the person’s around, please do not go back.

3. We’re never happy with each other

Don’t be delusional, if you guys aren’t happy together, that’s the height of it all.

Questions you should ask yourself before taking any Decisions about Going back to your partner.

  1. Is there any spark left?

Love!, Love!!, Love!!! Sounds very cliche but cannot be overlooked either. Would you be able to Love them over again? Is there any spark or chemistry left? Can you reignite the tiny flame left? If you answer these questions in the affirmative then that’s a start!

2. Is someone else still in the picture?

Do you guys have someone else in the picture? Any lover or friend in between your make up? This question should be answered with due care too. Because sometimes, it’s a third party that always speaks in a relationship or marriage to break it.

3. Are you both willing to try again?

Whether it’s a relationship or marriage, it must be mutual! Are you guys willing to try again?. Can you go down the same road twice?

Ok, you’ve probably answered all these questions and I know by now it’s either you have a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ . Whichever answer you take, I hope it’s only beneficial.

But before you take any decisions, answer this question, should Pragya go back to Abhi? 😏