Someone’s Love


She said everything I’m not
Called me the exact same names I fought
But it dawned on me
She was right and I was wrong
But then again should I care
When its about love

So I got on a call with her
And I regretted every second
My resistance gave way when her words became rough
It broke me into a thousand pieces with a single punch
Couldn’t help but wonder why I bore the weight of the cross
Oh Hadn’t it been for love ?

The grey skies became clouds
Like my very own shelter in the dark
Every note, every chord patched all my tearing sores
So I took a deep breathe to reassembled my divergent thoughts
And decided to lay off
For better or worse

Because I had lost the battle before I even fought
Because I had loved someone already bought
I took a step back without support
Whether I stumble or fall
I shouldn’t care because
Truthfully I gave my all
And was completely done taking someone’s love

So with every goodbye
I cried even more
like a babe pinched where it hurt
But how long do I let the tears fall?
After all I gave it out on my very watch
So I would have to couple the parts and move on