Three A’s that’ll keep your Home in Symphony


We all know communication saves a whole lot of stress and struggle but here are three things that’ll make life a whole lot easier with your spouse.

1. Appreciation

Living together most times may not be so easy, this is because people are different in many ways. In character, food preference, behavior and lots more. But one thing is certain, people like to be appreciated. When you appreciate someone you, they feel good and encouraged to do and be better.

Okay, so your partner or spouse is bad at something, you have two choices, you could Nag about it or you could appreciate the effort they put and encourage them to do better. Well, for me I’d prefer the latter because people improve with appreciation.

2. Affection

A woman said “Everyone truly wants to love and be loved”. I most certainly concur. The whole world revolves around love. I mean human race came to existence because God loved us. You see, love is much strongly felt and expressed especially when its deserving.

‘I love you’ so simple but very effective. Some couples don’t even remember to say those three words. Tch! What a pity!

I tell you, they may seem cliche but your other half (partner or spouse) would love and wants to hear it. It gives excitement and flair to your relationship. Grab every opportunity you can to tell your wife/Husband, Kids and even grand children just how much you love them. Okay, you were doing that during courtship, so what changed? Now you believe it to be of little importance? Nah… it is very important and also it creates assurance and gives confidence to both parties.

3. Apology

‘A little apology could change the world’ remember the other article? Yes a little apology could save your home or family from either wrecking or being torn in twain. Its simply just saying ‘I’m sorry’.

Most times we always want to be on the receiving end but never want to give. Do you know its sheer childishness to believe one only apologize when one has committed a wrong? Apologies shouldn’t always be from the defaulting party, you can say sorry to end the war you did not even start.

Forgiveness is a prove the apology has been accepted even when none was ever offered.