UPDATE: Chance the Rapper is Engaged


Chance the rapper proposed to his Ex Kirsten corley and she said ‘yes’.

Chance and Kristen Corley previously broke up after the birth of their daughter and they went to court to decide on child support.

However, they were able to keep things a friendly and platonic.Corley’s lawyer said at the time: “This case ended quickly because of the unusually high level of cooperation between the parents putting their child’s best interest first.”

Their split didn’t take too long and then they rekindled the flames. Chance also posted about his ‘best friend’ now ‘fiancé’ this were his words: “From the beginning beginning to the end end. You are my oldest and best friend. You are responsible for everyone of the most wonderful things in my life. I’m forever grateful that God made me find you, and even more grateful that you made me find God. Forever and ever babe. Happy Birthday.”

A smart he is! Not wishing to take too long. He went down on one knee during the 4th July excitement and said “Kirsten Katrina Corley, will you make me a man and be my wife?”

He posted a tweet confirming her answer today. His brother also congratulated him on his engagement. Out of excitement he posted giftcards to his fans.

And she said yes! So guys anything is possible, who knows your ex could propose too (I’m just saying).