What future is there for the Nigerian children?


Hmmm, with a heavy heart, I really don’t know where to start this article. Sometime back we we’re told “children are the leaders of tomorrow” the case of Nigeria is not only pathetic but dangerously mind blowing.

Hence the high rate of “suicide” among the youths recently experience in the country.Youths are dying in their numbers on a daily basis for different reasons because we have failed as a country and as a people.

How did we get here?

Why the recycling of old , wicked and callous leaders who have continuously deprived the masses their birthrights and right to life in this country? A country where no life is safe, no opportunity given, the environment deliberately polluted, the institutions overtaken and grounded by corrupt and greedy politicians. Etc…

Where’s the hope for the future? The educational system is hijacked by set of fools who run it for their self gratification. A country where the president denounces and devalue everything about the Youths publicly and internationally, where the Youths are told “a degree no more assurance for meal ticket. As bad as it, the statement is true for graduants room the streets in Nigeria from year to year for lack of employment. Reason we see social vices every you turn.

They have become easy tools in the hands of these same politicians who destroy the country, the system and turn around to use them because of hunger. Is a pity the Nigerian children have no future until we all rise up to demand responsibility and accountability from these leaders.Happy children’s day Nigerian children, keep hope alive and keep working towards your dreams.