Yes she loves it when you call her lovely names, when you pick her up and tell her her she’s the most beautiful woman you’ve seen, when you shower her with gifts, sure she doesn’t mind when you cook her breakfast in the morning after a great time together but none of this really matters to her.
You may shower her all the presents in the world but when you have someone else behind her back bro that’s the beginning of something new!.
I spoke to a guy and he told me he’s found a new girlfriend I reminded him he was married and he said “does it really matter?, it doesn’t matter for does who take care of their family and wife like I do “ funny right. Its not all about the attention, money, jewelries and fancy gifts. She wants you’re love 100%, you’re loyalty, you’re commitment, trust, respect, she wants all of you (just like john legend admitted).
She wants to feel safe with you she wants you all to herself, she’s greedy and she doesn’t want to share ladies I’m I right?. When she finds out you’re cheating on her she may never walk out that door but believe me one thing does-her trust. Its not about the cost of the gifts you buy her, a loving and faithful man, husband and father is the best gift you could ever give her because that’s what she really wants.
You may buy her flowers, give her all your Hours, hold her hand and take her to every party just because she loves to dance it won’t change the fact its all of you she really wants.

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