Singer Tory Lanez To Appear in Court over Sunday Morning Shoot Out

Rapper Tory Lanez, whose birth name is Daystar Peterson, was arrested around 4:30 am on gun charge with bleeding Megan Thee Stallion in His Vehicle.

According to TMZ, police listed Stallion as a “victim” in the incident, and she was treated at a hospital for wounds to her foot immediately following Lanez’s arrest.

The incident started out as a Hollywood House party and later turned into heated arguments with several shots fired.  An SUV like that of Lanez was seen pulling out of the crime scene immediately the shots were fired.

A gun was recovered from Lanez car and also an injured megan the stallion who the police describes as a "victim".

Lanez is to Appear in Court in October over Gun charges on October 13 but has been released over a $35,000 bail.


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