How to Tell if You're in Love

Can't get that person off your mind ? having crazy fantasy's of you two together in the future? These thoughts may be signs you're falling in love.

Love is a tricky emotion. It comes off first as affection, attention, care and attraction. It's very likely for people to confuse all stages of these feeling for Love. It's also possible you're not in love but only have affection towards that person. Researchers have pinned down what it means to "fall in love".

The overwhelming desire to always want to call, chat or text them. The feeling to want to look and smell nice just to impress them at all costs, the strong urge to want to be around them all the time- are all similar behaviors that come with falling in love with someone. The human brain is very unique in the "in love" phase than it is for other emotions like lust and infatuation. That explains those uncontrollable behaviors.

How to tell if you're in love with someone is pretty easy. one time i dated a guy for 2 years only to find out i was never in love with him. What i felt was utter affection. Falling in Love is like buying a new bag or pair of shoes- the excitement and enthusiasms wear off eventually.

However, when you're beginning to fall in love, it becomes almost difficult to tell if you're actually in love or you just like that person. Here are the 5 Signs you're in Love or falling in love.

5 Signs You're in Love

     1.This person occupies your thoughts 90% of the time. 

When you're in love with someone, you can't easily brush this person off your mind or thoughts. You're eating you're thinking about them.You're walking you're thinking about them even while you're asleep you're thinking- sorry dreaming of them. When you're in love, you begin to think they are special and it makes it unable to feel romantic passion or attraction to anyone else.
How do you know you're in love ? - There's no space for anyone else in your mind or heart.

     2. Emotional Instability

Being in love is a form of addiction. Falling in love often leads to emotional and psychological instability.There's racing heart, anxiety, euphoria, sleeplessness, restlessness. You may feel loss of appetite, quickened breathing when close to that person, panic as well as despair when uncertain if your feelings are returned. All these feelings are ways to tell if you're in love.

Falling in love you will feel the need to change and readjust to fit the person's fancy. Sometimes you find yourself doing the things you really don't want to. You may even find yourself snooping around their social handles, checking up when they're active online and all. These are ways to tell you're falling in love with someone.

    3. Deep Attraction

When you're in love you begin to feel empathy for the person. You start putting them first and consider their emotions before you make certain decisions. There's deep attraction and physical connection. The desire to want to hold, touch, feel, kiss, hug and stay close to the person is inevitable.
Those who are truly in love usually experience sexual desire and attraction towards the person they love but with strong emotional feelings. Although, there's a big difference between lust and love. 

    4. Feelings of Possession 

Extreme jealousy is very expected if you love someone. If you don't feel jealous when someone else talks, occupies or touch the person you love then you may not be in love with the person after all.
Falling in love is marked with the tendency to want to be the only one.  Also, How to tell if you're in love is you would not have any other options. You believe that person to be enough for you. You will not have eyes for anyone else. You feel obliged and entitled too.
There would be some sort of emotional dependency on the person you love.

   5. You always have Plans for the Future with them in it

One easy way to know if you love someone is to ask yourself some falling in love questions or take some falling in love quiz. The questions you should ask yourself are;
  • Do i see them in the future with me?
  • what i want is it temporal or something long lasting?
  • Do I want them around all the time?
If you answer all these signs highlighted above are present in your case and you answered all questions with a 'yes' then You're in Love.

Just make sure the person you love feels the same way about you. want to find out? leave a comment below if you found this article useful.

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