Affiliate Marketing : An Easy way to make money Online

With Affiliate marketing you can make $100-$30,000 every month. The best online marketing strategy that provides excellent profit for those who want to monetize their websites, blogs and facebook pages. 

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate Marketing is like a online business based on ''pay for results'' model. Large or small scale businesses seeking to promote their businesses or brands pay those who help them to promote them in an agreed manner on their websites, blogs or fanpages an agreed sum. 

It can then be said that this model involves three parties:
  1. An advertiser (owner of a brand -product or service)
  2. An affiliate (administrator of a website, fanpage or blog that joins a brand or product to promote it and earn a commission for it.
  3. A Platform through which the supply of "advertising space" meets the demand.
 Want to start Afflilate marketing ? Here is a list of best Ranked Affiliate marketing Sites.

  • Clickbank
  • Flexoffers
  • Warrior plus
  • Amazon Associates Affiliate
  • Jvzoo

How The Affiliate System Works

When you join an Affiliate program and choose what you want to sponsor, the merchant will provide you with a "unique affiliate code"  that you must use to refer your followers to the product. In turn, this code will be used to track the conversions made through your affiliate ID. You can also use it to control your commissions and performance. In other words, to keep it simple, they give you a Link that you will use to refer customers to your site; Every time someone uses that link to enter your site, it will be recorded that that client belongs to you. Simple as that!

It is important to note that if you want to obtain good results by executing these actions, you must know well what your audience is and have defined the niche of your site , so that when promoting, you have the certainty that what you propose to your followers, they you will be VERY interesting and that the conversion possibilities will be high.

These two aspects also turn out to be decisive factors for advertisers when choosing or accepting an affiliate , since they will not want to invest in a site that has nothing to do with their brand, with their target audience or that does not offer quality content.

Finally, another fundamental point that you should keep in mind before joining affiliate marketing is that you make sure that what you recommend is something really good , since it would not be very convenient for your followers to be dissatisfied customers. That is, customer dissatisfaction would not directly be a problem that affects your page or community, but you will no longer be reliable for your fans.
There are different affiliate programs and each one has a defined remuneration. The most popular are the following:
Payment per conversion: with this program the merchant will pay the commission for the sale of the product, when the purchase process is completed by the customer you have referred.

Pay per click: in this case you will receive a payment based on the number of visitors who have been redirected to the website or link of the sponsor and have made a click from the link you have placed on your blog, website or fanpage, just for giving An example.

Payment by Form: you get your commission if the people who have been referred by you, complete a form with their data on the destination site.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

· Sign Up for an Affiliate Network

· Discover a product through one of the affiliate platforms (such as ClickBank) that fits your audience.
· Upload a product post on your website, blog or facebook page with the product link.
· Measure how many likes it takes in the first minutes, sometimes a product or link works perfect when you get 50 likes in the first 5 minutes.
· Wait for the results of the conversions.
· If the performance is good, stick with that product. If not, look for another product.


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